AMD reassures partners about Llano supply glitch

AMD is having some trouble in churning out its newest Llana processors, but is reassuring partners that the supply chain will be fixed as soon as September.

According to Digitimes’ friends in the motherboard manufacturing sphere, there is a problem relating to yield rates in the 32nm process.

However, AMD’s reassurances are working and spurring industry demand for A75 motherboard shipments.

There are a ton of orders AMD needs to fill in the channel. Llano APUs were squeezed in July because of weaker than expected 32nm process yields. Essentially there is a lot of demand for the well received Llano that AMD has struggled to meet in the channel.

AMD will boost its portfolio with three 65W APUs towards the end of the third quarter, the sources claim. They will be the A8-3800, A6-3600 and A6-3500.

Meanwhile 28nm chips from AMD Nvidia and Qualcomm, though ready for the channel, there is weak demand so they’ll probably be introduced at a later date, Digitimes says.  Llano processors are manufactured by GlobalFoundries (GloFo), a spun-off unit of AMD.