AMD readies torrent of Llano microprocessors

Chip underdog Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) is readying a slew of Fusion based products in a bid to undermine Intel’s firm grip on the X86 market.

According to a report on Taiwanese wire Digitimes, the company will introduced six 32 nanometre Llano chips in the third quarter of this year. AMD describes these as APUs – basically graphics functions are integrated with microprocessor functions, so the chips emulate the human brain in a way, in that our eyes are pretty much integrated with the grey matter inside our skulls.

Llano microprocessors are fabricated by GlobalFoundries (GloFo), spun off by AMD to save money and funded by the government of Abu Dhabi.

According to Digitimes, AMD will roll out the chips at Taiwanese annual jamboree Computex. Six Llano chips will appear in desktops in the third quarter while AMD will roll out another five chips in the fourth quarter.

It will also release three Zacate semiconductors, says Digitimes, here.  AMD is still looking for a CEO after it displaced Dirk Meyer earlier this year.