AMD Radeon release has problems

AMD might have a few problems getting its Radeon HD 5830 graphics chip into the shops.

Motherboard makers have been leaking to DigiTimes  that while AMD is getting the chip ready for immediate launch, problems have arisen with reference boards during the validation process.

AMD said that the products are among its customers, who are currently undertaking their normal tests.

When asked if it was having any trouble, the chipmaker said that it will not comment on unannounced products nor respond to market rumours.

Fudzilla has been reporting that the chipmaker had its heart set on an February 5 launch to deal with the upcoming Fermi cards, but with problems like these this might be a little tricky to have all its bases covered.

No information is available in the way of specs other than the fact that it will carry GDDR5 memory and is expected to perform similarly to the older Radeon HD 4890. There is also a debate on how much the beast will cost when it hits the shops $199 to match the aforementioned 4890 has been mentioned and $239.