AMD Radeon HD7970 spec leaked

A press slide which seems to have slipped out before it should, shows specifications of the upcoming Radeon HD7970 Graphics card.

According to VR Zone, the slide shows the card’s complete specifications along with a picture of the reference design which the HD7970 GPU would feature.

It is not clear if the slide was being prepared for a feature press release or was leaked by a magazine which forgot about NDAs.

It looks like the HD7970 is based on the Tahiti XT GCN Core Architecture featuring a 28nm design. The GPU has 2048 ALU’s/Stream Processors and 32 Compute Units, 128 Texture Units, 32 ROP’s. Its core has been clocked at 925Mhz. HD7970 has a 3GB GDDR5 Memory buffer which uses a 384-bit wide memory interface. According to the slide its bandwidth speed has been rated at 5.5Gbps. The card’s total compute power equals around 3.5 TFlops. Power is supplied through an 8 Pin and 6 Pin Connector. Load Power Consumption is <300W and idle board power is <3W.

Display outputs include one DVI, two Mini Display and an HDMI connector and will cost between $449 and $500.