AMD proclaims wave of Firestream GPUs

X86 and graphics company AMD today announced its newest Firestream GPU compute accelerators, the Firestream 9350 and 9370, for use in servers and enterprising clouds. The smaller 9350 offers 2.0 TFLOPS single precision and 400 GFLOPS double precision floating point performance, whereas its larger relative, the Firestream 9370, achieves 2.64 TFLOPS single precision and 528 GFLOPS double precision performance.

Both cards come packed with GDDR5 memory, 2GB on the 9350 card and 4GB on the 9370. The 9350 also merely needs to occupy one lonely PCIe slot. Standards such as OpenCL, DirectX 11 and OpenGL are naturally supported by the latest streams of fire. The cards require 150W and 225W of power, respectively.

“Heterogeneous systems in which high-performance GPU and x86 CPU technologies work in tandem can deliver enormous computational power,” said Patricia Harrell, a director of CUDA, sorry, stream computing at AMD.

AMD states it will start shipping the cards in the beginning of this year’s third quarter, so they can be expected sometime in July. Partners and OEMs will offer them in rack servers and expansion systems. AMD did not go out of its way to mention One Stop Systems and Supermicro.

The lesser X86 chip maker recently announced its newest Opteron CPUs, and boy-oh-boy would its Firestream cards just work swell with those server brains. A software development kit (SDK) is also available so “the developer community can harness the combined compute power” of a Firestream-enhanced Opteron system.

AMD did not comment if crossing its streams would lead to total protonic reversal, stopping all life instantaneously and exploding every molecule in a server by the speed of light.