AMD prepares new Phenom II X8s

AMD might be preparing to release its mysterious Phenom II X8 series.

BIOS updates for mainboards made by Elitegroup Computer Systems and Jetway reveal that a release is fairly close.

According to Xbitbased on alleged specifications of the products, the new central processing units (CPUs) will be aimed at cheap and cheerful market.

The chips are eight-core designs, but they have lower clockspeeds than the eight-core AMD FX models. There are four models. The AMD Phenom II X8 2420: 2.40GHz, 95W, ZD242046W8K43, the Phenom II X8 3020: 3.00GHz, 125W, ZD302051W8K44, the Phenom II X8 2520: 2.50GHz, 95W, ZD252046W6443 and the Phenom II X8 2820: 2.80GHz, 95W, ZD282046W8K43.

There has been no official word from AMD about the Phenom II X8 series as of yet, and there is no other official information available on the models.

The word on the street is that the it could be based around eight of the older K10 “Stars” cores, which power the other Phenom II CPUs.

But there is also a possibility that they could be based on the Bulldozer design that powers the underwhelming AMD FX. If it does that then the Turbo Core would be disabled alongside the lower clockspeeds, in order to reach lower price points. If they do this it will be disappointing to say the least. The old Phenom II X6 six-cores beat the fastest FX eight-cores in a few benchmarks.