AMD postpones Radeon HD 6000

Digitimes reports that the brand formerly known as ATI before it was suckered up into AMD has delayed the launch of its Radeon HD 6000 GPUs from October to November.

The move doesn’t mean the series will move to 28nm, but will still be a slightly revamped HD 5000 made in 40nm, meaning its specs probably won’t touch the performance of green goblin Nvidia’s Fermi marchitecture.

AMD, then still ATI, showed off its HD 6000 back in July, garnering criticism it’s simply an improved HD 5000. Fudo of Fudzilla wrote the HD 6000 was “an evolution rather than a revolution.”

Nonetheless, the HD 6000 will perform better than the HD 5000, although it can be expected Fermi will beat it in DirectX11 and tesselation performance.

Both Fudo and Digitimes point out Nvidia will be happy, as it will be able to garner back some market share. In this year’s second quarter, Nvidia’s market share crumbled from 29.2 percent to 19.7 percent quarter-over-quarter claimed Jon Peddie Research.

AMD by comparison managed to garner 24.4 percent of the market, rising from 18.4 percent in 2009. Nvidia blamed the late roll-out of Fermi for its demise, but if things go well and the current generation of cards keep on getting price slashes, then the company will be able to make inroads again.