AMD poaches Intel egg head

Chip contender Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) said it has employed Intel old timer Donald Newell as a chief technology officer in charge with its server division.

Newell spent 16 years working for the chip giant and found himself in charge of the prestigious Intel Labs.

He stores a lot of information in his egg head, we expect, of Intel’s future plans but will no doubt put that knowledge completely out of his head now he works for the “competitor”.

Rick Bergman will be Newell’s boss at AMD. He burst into a chorus of lyricism about Newell. “[He] brings a strong combination of leadership skills, engineering and design expertise and strategic direction. We’re fortunate to have Don on board as we prepare for the delivery of the Bulldozer core in our AMD Opteron processors, scheduled for launch in 2011, Bergman said.

“Us poaching Newell from the Great Satan of Chips really pops them in the nose and shows Intel has become a toothless Chipzilla.”  We made this paragraph up.

AMD did not disclose what Donald “jewel in the crown” Newell’s salary is now, nor what he earned before at Intel.

Intel CEO and president Paul Otellini (pictured, above), is probably not well pleased with the poaching of one of his top egg heads.