AMD partners leak more Llano pricing

One has to question what AMD’s PR and Marketing department actually do, as most of the news that comes out of the outfit is leaked from other sources.

A couple of US e-tailers have leaked the latest pricing of its coming Llano chips making the need for any press release somewhat moot.

Sharped eyed hacks at CPU World  spotted that CostCentral  was advertising boxed and OEM versions of AMD A6-3600 and A6-3800 APUs, priced at $126.87 and $150.16. Triple-core A6-3500 costs $104.22.

Bottom Line Communications‘ website  has the chips for a bit cheaper. It looks like new processors will be priced exactly as AMD’s 100 Watt chips. Estimated official price for the AMD A6-3500 should in the $90 – $100 range.

Bottom Line when talking about the Athlon II X4 631 processor says on its pre-order page that the CPU has 2.6 GHz core frequency, 100 Watt TDP and 1 MB L2 cache.

This model, along with Sempron 198X, Athlon II X2 221X and Athlon II X4 641X, was on the CPU support list for Biostar motherboards. It looks like the Athlon II 631, or 631X, will be sold in retail as a boxed CPU, and it will cost a lot less than quad-core APUs from A6-Series and A8-Series. The preorder price for this is $89.40.

Piecing together all this information, we can work out that the AMD A6-3600 series is a quad core 2.1GHz chip, somewhat slower than the A6-3650, but it costs about the same as a 3650. But the new 3600 is 65W and unlike the 3650 it features Turbo, so it can clock to 2.4GHz depending on load.

The A6-3500 triple core costs around $100 and should be good value for money. It is a 3600 with one core lopped off but has the same clock speed, TDP and HD 6530D graphics core.

The A8-3800 will cost $150. It is close to the 3850 in terms of pricing, but is a bit slower – it can only manage 2.7GHz when it is going down hill and has the wind behind it. However it is a 65W part and has Turbo.