AMD overclocker breaks world record

AMD’s A10 6800K processor is not exactly slow, but it seems that with a bit of tweaking it can go much faster.

Legit Reviews reports how an overclocker by the handle of “Stilt” holds the top spot on HWBot for the fastest CPU frequency for an A10 6800K APU. Stilt managed to clock the chip at 8,203MHz (8.2GHz), which is also the 19th fastest frequency recorded of any chip.

According to his CPU-Z screenshot, he pushed the vCore to 1.976V and cooled he whole thing with liquid nitrogen.

A Radeon HD 7750 graphics card, Asus F2A85-V Pro motherboard, and 8GB of AMD RAM were all there too assist.

While it is a world record for the chip, Stilt’s A10 6800K is also the 18th fastest chip ever created.

This is not bad for a $149.00 chip which only received mediocre reviews. Its normal resting speed is 3.6GHz.