AMD not interested in Slates

Chimpzilla has ruled out targeting a product at the Jobs’ Mob fantasy that insists that tablets will be the next big thing.

Leslie Sobon, a vice president of AMD said that the company had no immediate plans to target the market of slates.

This might be strange as she had earlier gone on record saying Chimpzilla’s hybrid chips that feature both x86 and graphics engines would revolutionise tablets.

However Sobon said that AMD was looking upon tablets as it did with netbooks. With Ontario, the outfit was in a good position to grab a share of the netbook market.

While netbooks are not as sexy as tablets, “we will move to tablets when they are proven successful,” she said.

In August AMD announced intentions to install its chips into slate-type personal computers. But added that it had no plans to develop direct competitors to system-on-chips (SoCs) based on designs developed by ARM.

Netbooks and similar low-power devices are much more popular than tablets – at the moment.