AMD nibbles at Intel's ankles

AMD continues to bite at Intel’s ankles. 

With the success of its APUs and its many, many code names, AMD is scratching Intel’s market share. In response, it decided to release a bunch of new CPUs and lower its pricing on older models.

The new Sandy Bridge CPUs are mostly for notebooks. There are the quad-core i7-2960XM, Core i7 2860QM and 2760QM, as well as the dual-core Core i7 2640M and Celeron B840M. Digitimes says they’re buyable in thousand unit tray quantities for $1,096, $568, $378, $346 and $86. 

Then there are three desktop CPUs, the Core i5-2320, the Pentium G630T and Celeron G540. They’re available between $37 and $177.

Intel lowered CPUs already on the market in a bid to entice manufacturers into bulk buys. Among them are the Core i7-2600S, Core i5-2500S and the Core i5-2500T.

Nibble. Gnaw. Gnaw. Nibble.