AMD may have misjudged the market with its HD7770

While AMD’s new HD7770 cards are getting mixed reviews, there are those who think that the last generation HD6850 is a better deal.

One of the beefs with the HD7770 is that it is a little pricey when you consider what you get. Particularly when the last generation HD6850 is so cheap.

Overclockers in the UK were selling an Asus ATI Radeon HD 6850 DirectCU V2 1024MB at a staggeringly low price of £89.99 including VAT. This card uses a Direct CU V2 cooler. There was once a time when you had to pay £200 for this chip.

Obviously, Overclockers realised that the price was too low because by the time we got our credit card out it had risen by £20 and is now sitting at a still reasonable £109.00.

But you can still find an HD6850′s for around £20-£30 less than the equivalent, yet slower than the  HD7770 and this is where AMD has gone wrong.

Although the HD7770 is not that expensive in comparison to other chips, it has miffed its core audience by coming out with less shaders and slightly slower clock speeds.