AMD market share drops against Intel

Intel has edged ahead in market share for notebooks, servers and desktops, according to market research firm IDC.

Overall, in the first quarter of this year, Intel held 81 percent market share, up 0.5 percent while AMD held 18.8 percent, a decline of 0.6 percent. The other X86 company, Via, held 0.2 percent share.

But breaking this down, Intel owns 87.8 percent share for notebooks, while AMD has 12.1 percent. Intel was up 0.5 percent in this sector, at the expense of AMD and Via.

In the lucrate server/workstation market, Intel had 90.2 percent market share in the quarter, up 0.4 percent, while AMD had 9.8 percent share.

Even in the desktop sector, Intel gained 0.6 percent, while AMD was down 0.7 percent – the chip giant has 71.7 percent of this market and AMD 28 percent.

In overall terms, worldwide microprocessor units fell by 5.6 percent compared to calendar quarter four, 2009. That’s a seasonal effect but the fall is less than usual, said IDC. Compared to Q1 2009, shipments in Q1 2010 were up 39 percent.

IDC estimates that worldwide, CPU growth will be 15.1 percent. There are signs for exra growth because the semi makers and some OEMs are positive about consumer and corporate spending this year.