AMD makes its Taiwanese partners very very cross

So as you can track we have been in Ole Taipei for a few days now and talked to a number of vendors, all of which were a bit arsy – that is to say upset – about AMD.

AMD, said one, used to be a nice company but when it forked, the good people went to Global Foundries and the bad people stayed at AMD.

By the way, this is what all the vendors we’ve met have said and AMD is apparently particularly incensed about the 28th of April NDA date, imposed like a diktat. The senior partners were shocked to hear from many many international press here in Old Taipei that AMD is dissing the press, as it is.

Look AMD, you are missing the plot here. Or shooting yourself in the foot. As usual.

Some of the vendors are toying with the idea of producing motherboards for Apple. We mention no names, no pack drill. Maybe Apple is considering opening its kimono up to PC manufacturers, now that Apple is an Intel Inside company.

Intel, we hear, is extremely unhappy with AMD rocking the boat with its partners by being overly aggressive. Intel, after all, used to be the bad guy and now it wants to give AMD love.

And guess what? Intel is capitalising on this by being extra kind to its Taiwanese mobo partners, while the mobo partners are not only feeling neglected but very worried why AMD is being very very nasty to lots of the international press!

Has AMD totally lost the plot? [Yeah, Ed.]