AMD loses another executive

AMD is getting the same sort of reputation for keeping its executives that STALAG LUFT 3 had for holding Allied soldiers.

Executives have been leaving like rats on the Titanic who have just seen Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet boarding and have heard the strains of Celine Dion cranking up on the horizon.

AMD announced that CFO Thomas Seifert was resigning which sent the company’s share price into a tail spin.

Now it appears, according to Tech Report, that AMD’s Client Division chief, Chris Cloran, has cleaned out his desk and escaped over the walls using a ladder made out of old abandoned roadmaps.

Cloran was in charge of all of the client products which is the area which has been taking a pounding lately. It is also more than 80 percent of AMD’s revenue so it is a vital job which calls for a person with shedloads of experience.

AMD has said Lisa Su will take over as Interim Client Division chief.

She only joined last December but has already found the coffee machine and worked out where to kick the candy machine so that you get what you ordered, so everything should be OK.