AMD leaves its partners in the dark

AMD launched the Radeon HD 7970 card for desktops – but all was not well at the Little Chip That Could’s external marketing wing in the UK, according to a round of Chinese whispers, with its marketing in the UK.

The 7970 was supposed to launch at CES. Just why AMD pushed forward the release date we may never know, but the mutterings we’ve heard from the dark satanic rumour mill suggest that it didn’t fancy competing with high-profile announcements from the likes of Nvidia. For some key partners, yesterday’s launch will be the first they heard of it.

The NDA for AMD Partners to talk about their products is still in early January. When a journalist spoke to a partner about review samples it was the first the company had heard of it. What followed was a mix-up, allegedly, on Text100’s part – the partner approached Text for information which was then up in arms, blood boiling, because a journalist had compromised an NDA. There was a string of furious phone calls and email exchanges.

“In which universe does an AMD partner not know the NDA date?” said an industry watcher. “They’re not bringing a knife to a gunfight, they’re bringing ****ing bananas.”

*EyeSee An eBuyer slip-up revealed the price for the Powercolor model. Somehow this got back to Text 100, who allegedly began telling people the street price based on that model. Sapphire is the number one partner…