AMD launches Fusion A-Series APUs

AMD has announced a range of Accelerated Processing Units (APUs), which it claims give users better graphics, all day battery life and even “Supercomputer-Like Performance.”

The big claims are for its new AMD Fusion A-Series, previously codenamed Llano. AMD’s range can handle up to four x86 CPU cores with DirectX(R)11-capable discrete-level graphics and up to 400 Radeon cores, along with HD video processing on a single chip. 

The APUs support gestural interfaces, multi-monitor support, 3D entertainment and real-time image stabilisation.

They have already made their mark in over 150 notebooks and desktops wins from manufacturers.

HP,has stuck ’em into its  Pavilion dv-series, which it says manages double the performance compared to the previous generation.

Its dv4, dv6 and dv7 all pack HP CoolSense along with an HD webcam, while its Pavilion g-series uses the APUs to speed up page loads.  

The APUs have support for HDMI 1.4a, DisplayPort 1.1, and USB 3.0. They offering processing of up to 400 gigaflops for notebooks, and up to 500 gigaflops for desktops.

AMD is really pushing multimedia, gaming, productivity, web browsing, facial recognition, and video conferencing.

If you’re not already worn out, you may like to know that the company is trying to gain a few more column inches by announcing the winners of its first AMD VISIONary of the Year Awards. We see what they did there.
The winners were chosen through an online,public vote and split into three areas: entrepreneurship, food and photography.

Entrepreneur VISIONary Award winner was Father Greg Boyle, Foodie VISIONary Award winner was Corky Luster and Photographer VISIONary Award winner went to Todd Baxter

Although we don’t know what they actually did to earn the titles, AMD tells us that each won a “VISION grant” of $20,000.

Nine runners-up received $2,500 worth of AMD-based computer equipment and a trip to the AMD awards ceremony.