AMD launches fresh set of Opterons

AMD has announced a new family of Opterons as part of its cunning plan to elbow its way into company cloud and web plans.

The Opteron 3200 family is designed for web hosting customers and those who think a cloud is the way forward. AMD says it has a spec sheet that claims a 38 percent better price performance and up to 19 percent less power per core than other chips out there.

It comes with ECC memory and server reliability features at a budget level and it can provide twice the core density per rack.

AMD’s Patrick Patla, corporate vice president and general manager, commercial business, said that IT departments have to become profit centres fast and the chip means that punters do not have to compromise with desktop class platforms to get the gear cheap enough.

She said that this range was a true server class product at a desktop class price.

The Opteron 3200 family joins the Opteron 4200 and 6200 Series processors which were in the shops and with distributors last November.

The AMD Opteron 3000 Series platform is targeted at the dense, power efficient 1P Web hosting/Web server market. There are 4- or 8-core CPUs, the AMD Opteron 3200 Series processor is shipping today in platforms from MSI, Tyan, Fujitsu and Dell. The chip is based on the “Bulldozer” core, and uses Socket AM3+.

On the power side they use 45W to 65W TDP, clock speeds of 2.7GHz base frequency, up to 3.7GHz frequency using AMD Turbo CORE, 2 DDR3 memory channels supporting ECC UDIMM 1333, 1600, 1866MHz memory speed and up to 32GB memory capacity.