AMD is hiring people after firing people

Things are on the up for the chipmaker AMD, with the outfit hiring more than 1,000 extra staff it is being reported.

According to job adverts, AMD wants to hire shedloads of design engineers, software developers and IT specialists. We dunno about sales people, though.

Apparently the expansion is part of its cunning plan to move into cloud computing. To do that it needs more hardware and software products.

This means hiring more than 1,000 tech professionals in the US and Canada. Not Europe. AMD still needs a new CEO.

Most of the jobs are for design and verification engineers who are needed at every AMD location including its facilities in California, Texas, Orlando, Boston and Canada.

Lance Phillips, AMD’s Global Talent Acquisition Lead told Career Resources that what was needed was a good knowledge of computer architecture, good software skills including C and C++, and specific verification experience and knowledge.

Other skills being looked at are for  Linux developers, C/C++, Ruby and Java, primarily for its offices in Sunnyvale, Calif., and Toronto. It also wants OpenGL and OpenCL software developers who know C/C++ and graphics.

AMD needs a small number of firmware developers to work in Austin, Texas. They’ll develop software to validate products and should be skilled in Linux environments using C/C++, Ruby, Java, and x86 assembly.

AMD is also calling for analog design engineers with backgrounds in electrical engineering and specific ClSI and ASIC design skills.