AMD invests in Android on Windows App maker

Chipmaker AMD has announced that it has written a cheque to invest in a startup with a technology to run Android apps on Windows PCs.

BlueStacks is a free piece of alpha software which allows users to push apps from their Android phone to a Windows 7 PC via BlueStacks’ Cloud Connect technology. Once it is running users can run up to 36 apps on a PC.

This will give PC users the ability run Fruit Ninja, Angry Birds and Cut the Rope on their PC to their heart’s content.

Why on earth a chip designer would want people to play Angry Birds may strike you as odd. However AMD said that it had made the investment to optimise BlueStacks for its own accelerated processing units (APUs) in notebook and tablet PCs.

Manju Hegde, corporate vice president, AMD Fusion Experience Program wrote in a press release that Bluestacks was “a visionary software company” that is, seamlessly, making the emerging Android mobile apps market part of the broader computing ecosystem and enhancing such experiences on our award-winning APU platforms.  

He did not say how many zeroes were on the cheque. 

It means that punters can enjoy the full capabilities of the brilliant graphics and computing performance enabled by AMD.”

Rosen Sharma, president and chief executive officer of BlueStacks said that working with AMD enables the outfit to expand its network of OEMs and retailers to reach a broad audience of consumers and businesses that want to get more out of Android.”