AMD headhunts before server push

Chimpzilla seems to be planning a campaign to get more of its chips under the bonnets of company servers..

In a prelude to the attack, it seems that AMD has gone headhunting taking staff from both Nvidia and Intel.

The outfit recently hired Intel senior principal engineer, Donald Newell, who according to Rick Bergman, senior vice president and general manager of AMD’s Products Group will bring a “strong combination of leadership skills, engineering and design expertise and strategic direction.” Well, it is probably more useful than just bringing a strong combination of coffee, water, milk and two sugars.

AMD wants to steal back some of the ground it lost to Intel in the server market. A few years ago it caught Intel by surprise by creating products that allowed it to be actually competitive. All the top OEMs including IBM , HP and Dell adopted AMD and flogged it to corporates.

After a year, Chipzilla caught up and took the crown from AMD again and many are waiting to see what Chimpzilla’s next move will be.

Judging by the headhunting that AMD has done, it looks like it will want more mileage from its graphics arm ATI both to provide integrated GPU/CPU chips for laptops but also something more sexy for servers.

Xbit labs seems to think that the new Bulldozer chip armed with a TurboCore feature will be a killer app for the server market.