AMD HD 7770 details leaked

A freshly leaked GPU-Z screenshot has enabled us to join all the dots and work out the specifications of the next AMD desktop card, the mid-range HD 7770.

The card is on the verge of release. It looks like it will be based around the “Cape Verde” GPU and will have a lesser number of better-configured Graphics CoreNext stream processors. This will decrease transistor counts and power draw while providing better performance.

The GPU-Z screenshot shows that there will be a GCN stream processor count of 640, 40 TMU’s, 16 ROPs and a 128-bit wide GDDR5 memory interface.

This will make the HD 7770′s core clock rate 1GHz out of the box unlesss it is factory overclocked.

The GDDR5 memory runs at 1125MHz or an effective 4500MHz and can give 72GB/s of memory bandwidth. A typical board rating would be 80W.

It is starting to look like the price will be around the $190 mark, where the HD 7750 will be somewhere around the $140 mark. These are pretty good prices for what you get, although the spec is a little bit of a yawn.