AMD has no plans for smartphone chips

Although there was much speculation about AMD’s upcoming heterogeneous ARM server chips, and its frugal Jaguar core, it seems the company won’t be entering the consumer application processor space after all.

AMD senior VP and general manager of global business units told Gulf News that the company is not focused on smartphones and has no plans to enter the smartphone market.

However, AMD still thinks mobile devices like tablets and hybrids are important, but they use slightly bigger chips, namely Temash SoCs.

“We will continue to look for key opportunities. The traditional PC market is really changing as we see a lot of new form factors. The PC business is our key but we will look for opportunities that will help us grow,” Su said.

Su stressed that gaming is a major focus for AMD so the company wants to slug it out in the CPU and GPU markets instead. She added that gaming is one space where AMD can differentiate from the competition.

Su also added that the company’s APU strategy is working. Over the past couple of weeks AMD announced new Richland, Kabini and Temash products and it got strong feedback from customers.

AMD’s custom chips based on the new Jaguar core are also at the heart of new PlayStation and Xbox consoles. Su expects that custom chips will account for about 20 percent of AMD’s business by the end of the year.