AMD gives the nod to LRDIMM memory

Inphi has managed to get its load-reduced dual-inline memory modules (LRDIMMs) running on the AMD Opteron 6200 Series processors, formerly code-named Interlagos.

AMD has validated the new type of memory, which will mean that punters can populate AMD Opteron 6200 Series-based systems with up to 768GB of the memory.

Unlike traditional registered DIMMs, or RDIMMS, which limit the amount of server memory that can be installed due to their loading profile, LRDIMMs replace the register with an isolation memory buffer to reduce the load.

This means that server memory can be scaled upward, with more and higher-density DRAMs on each module, so that both capacity and speed are boosted while using the same motherboard real estate as an RDIMM.

Apparently the Inphi iMBGS02A jumped through various hoops set by AMD regarding voltage temperature and frequency. Now it means that shipping in volume can begin.

Pat Patla, Corporate Vice President for AMD’s Server Business said that servers are called upon to handle an increasing array of tasks, but in smaller spaces, demanding less energy and at lower overall costs.

LRDIMMs, such as Inphi’s iMBGS02A, mean that those servers can achieve their space, energy and cost objectives, the companies claim.