AMD gets Displayport 1.2

AMD’s Radeon HD 6000 graphics chips, which it is marketing as the “world’s fastest” has become the first to achieve DisplayPort Version 1.2 certification.

DisplayPort will give the chip a 5.4Gbps HBR2 (High Bit Rate 2) data link rate. It will also collect additional features from the DisplayPort 1.2 standard, such as multi-stream transport (MST) and Full High Definition (HD) 3D stereoscopic display support.

David Cummings, director, Graphics Technical Marketing, AMD said that Displayport was an important milestone because it went beyond offering enthusiast gamers faster performance and advanced image quality features.

“Depending on the GPU model, we can now offer dozens of multi-monitor configuration options up to and including six simultaneous displays, flexibility in display selection, and new DisplayPort audio features, creating an ultra-immersive visual environment for the ultimate gaming experience,” he said.

He claims that by doubling the maximum data transfer rate to 21.6Gbps, the HBR2 link rate offered by VESA’s DisplayPort Version 1.2 standard significantly enhances display and audio performance. This means increased display resolution, colour depths and refresh rates and improved support for Full HD 3D stereoscopic displays.

It also means much better support for multiple monitors connected to a single DisplayPort target.