AMD gets certification for SuperSpeed USB 3 chipsets

AMD has been given certification for its first SuperSpeed USB 3.0 chipsets.

The USB Implementers Forum (USB-IF) gave the A75 and A70M FCH chipsets the official blessing in a move which is seen as an important step towards wider implementation of the new standard.

USB-IF president Jeff Ravencraft was very excited and enthused in a statement that the SuperSpeed USB ecosystem was unprecedented, and the first certified SuperSpeed USB chipsets from AMD “are a momentous step in the industry”.

SuperSpeed USB integration into the chipsets is a strong incentive for manufacturers to bring an even broader range of SuperSpeed USB products to the market, he said

USB 3.0 specification was formalised in November 2008 and the first consumer USB 3.0 products were released by Buffalo Technology a year later. However certified USB 3.0 products, including motherboards from ASUS and Gigabyte, were only announced at the 2010 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

But a feature in the USB 3.0 specification, the “SuperSpeed” bus, had not been seen in products.

SuperSpeed adds a fourth transfer mode to enable much faster transfers of data from peripherals to host controllers.

Superspeed will be shoved under the bonnet of AMD’s Fusion Controller Hubs. AMD wants its Fusion Controller Hubs to go flat out while consuming low power.

It will compete with Intel’s proprietary technology, called Thunderbolt, which AMD thinks is about as useful as a chocolate teapot.