AMD Fusion chip ships, and Llano not late

Reports that AMD’sLlano” Fusion chips are delayed are being described by an insider as “BS”, while the chip company said it has already started shipping its Ontario, a member of  its “Brazos” family of chips. Fusion chips integrate microprocessor and graphics semiconductors on the same die.

Dirk Meyer, president and CEO of AMD, said the company had restructured the company as a result of getting a gift from Intel and has deconsolidated its financial interest in GlobalFoundries.  There’s been “fantastic” response to its Fusion technology from customers, he said. AMD will target markets that Intel is not focusing on.

Llano, which is being manufactured by GlobalFoundries (GloFo) will start shipping in the middle of next year, AMD said, despite reports that these Fusion SKUs were delayed until Autumn next year.

And Dirk Meyer has confirmed that we’ll see tablets using Fusion chips soon. The Brazos Fusion chips will give much longer battery life than existing CPUs for notebooks, AMD said.

Rick Bergman, senior VP at AMD, said that Fusion is an important milestone in the company’s strategy.

At a presentation for analysts, AMD also showed off a desktop microprocessor, codenamed Zambezi, which has eight cores, based on its Bulldozer technology. This is a picture of the Bulldozer core.

Bulldozer core

Although GlobalFoundries is a spin off from AMD, the shipping chips are being manufactured by Taiwanese giant TSMC.

AMD revealed part of its roadmap strategy for the notebook, desktop and server markets. Some are below, but the whole deck is here.

Notebook roadmap

Desktop roadmap

AMD roadmap

AMD roadmap