AMD fails in Apple rescue attempt

Chip designer AMD’s attempt to rescue its chum Apple from a patent dispute has ground to a halt.

S3 Graphics has sued Jobs’ Mob claiming that it has certain patents which Apple used in its gear.

The ITC ruled in a preliminary decision in July that Mac OS X is in violation of the S3 patents, but the iPhone and iPad are not.

AMD stormed into the fray and sued S3 claiming it owned the patents that S3 has asserted against Apple. That case has yet to be heard by anyone, but AMD thought that the ITC should stop its actions against Apple while its claim was sorted out. S3 has more than a passing relationship with Taiwanese firm Via and Taiwanese firm HTC, related to Formosa Plastics.

AMD gets on very well with Apple so it was only too pleased to help, but imagine its surprise when a US judge failed to to halt a patent dispute at the US International Trade Commission.

S3 told Bloomberg that the federal judge denied a request for an immediate halt to the ITC case. The commission is scheduled to release its final decision on November 15. It could force Apple to make changes to its Mac OS X, pay S3 to go away, or face an export ban in the run up to Christmas. In many ways Apple must be counting its blessings that S3 did not manage to get the ban extended to its iPhone or iPad.