AMD denies walking away from x86

AMD has rushed to deny rumours that it is walking away from x86, like it walked away from fabs and its “no-redundancy” policy.

We say rumours, we actually mean statements from senior AMD staff, but one man’s rumour is another’s confirmation from the horse’s mouth.

Anyway, the latest comment from AMD, which will probably just be a rumour tomorrow, is that AMD “remains committed to the x86 market.”

However, it confirmed it is realigning around industry trends toward low-power devices and the cloud and these look rather nice from where it is sitting.

It the same story as yesterday only the words “moving away from x86” are being removed from the record.  After all, it is possible to be in focus with low powered devices, servers, mobile gear and x86 at the same time. Well, it is if you put them very close together.

It is not clear how “committed” AMD will be to x86 from the statement. It could be just as enthusiastic as it was last year, or it could be just as committed as George Clooney to a member of the opposite sex.

Anyway, the full quote of the statement reminds us that AMD “is a leader” in x86 microprocessor design, and “remains committed to the x86 market” just in case we forgot.

“Our strategy is to accelerate our growth by taking advantage of our design capabilities to deliver a breadth of products that best align with broader industry shifts toward low power, emerging markets and the cloud,” the statement said.

So there you have it, AMD will be committed and we are making no comment about Section 10 of the Mental Health Act, that would be cheap .