AMD claims pole position on discrete notebook graphics

AMD is leading in the discrete graphics market, grabbing an additional 5.6 share points in Mercury Research’s latest “PC Graphics Market Share Update” for Q3 2010. It now has a 61.9 percent share in notebook discrete graphics.

AMD touts its DirectX 11 technology as the reason it holds significant share. While it doesn’t mention Nvidia by name when it says it has “outpaced its competitor yet again in this key market,” it’s a clear dig. General manager of the GPU division Matt Skynner reckons on the back of the Radeon HD 6800 series and the shipping volume, it’s going to be a rosy last quarter for 2010.

For overall graphics, it held a 23 percent unit market share which was down minus 1.5 share points.

Overall desktop was 20.4 percent, down 0.1 share points, and 41 percent for discrete desktops – down 3.5 share points. 

Overall notebooks were down two share points and overall discrete was down 0.8 share points.