AMD claims PC gaming is growing

AMD’s Matt Skynner has claimed that that it is a myth that consoles are replacing PCs for gaming.

Chatting with Forbes, Skynner, who is the corporate vice president and general manager of AMD’s graphics business unit, said that PC gaming is alive, well and growing.

New consoles provide a boost to gaming overall. Because the architectures are similar, it reduces cost, and makes it easier for a developer to create for both consoles and PCs, Skynner said.

But gamers can’t be pigeonholed into console or PC gamers. Gamers are gamers and  any advance in one area can help improve gaming across the board.

When developers are making the effort and focusing on designing new engines, they will also release PC games that feature these technologies, he said.

Now that the  new wave of consoles are arriving with AMD chips on board it makes it easier for developers to port material between the console and the PC.

Skynner mentioned the next-generation Radeon series, which is coming in Q4.

He said that AMD was looking at more traditional enthusiast GPU price points.

There were no plans to release a $999 single GPU because AMD did not think people have that $999.

AMD will deal with the ultra-enthusiast segment with a dual-GPU offering like the 7990. He said this next-generation line of chips is targeting more of the enthusiast market versus the ultra-enthusiast one.

The GPUs will be in 28nm. Some have speculated that it was 20nm but the reason is that at 28nm AMD can achieve higher clock speeds and higher absolute performance, which is what gamers want.