AMD claims design wins for Magny-Cours Opteron

Intel’s share price racked up a notch yesterday afer analysts gave the thumbs up to its Westmere Xeon offerings.

But it faces competition from AMD, which today said that its new Opteron chips, fancifully codenamed Magny-Cours had wide industry and channel support.

The AMD Opteron 6000 series consists of eight core and 12 core X86 microprocessors that use the AMD SR5690 chipset.

Taiwanese companies Asus, Gigabyte, MSI and Tyan all endorsed the new Opterons and announced boards that would take advantage of Direct Connect Architecture 2.0.

AMD also got endorsement from a number of partners who said they would offer systems but companies like Dell, HP and IBM were nowhere to be seen in the list of prospective partners.

Appro, Atipa, Colfax, Directron, Microway, Nortech, Penguin, Servers Direct, SGI, Silicon Mechanics and ZT Systems all endorsed AMD.

When Intel announced the Westmere, it already had some big players in its lineup including Oracle, IBM, Dell and HP.