AMD Bulldozer, Llano launch dates leaked – maybe

The release dates for AMD Bulldozer and Llano appear to have ended up being leaked to a Turkish trade mag.

The mag is claiming that Bulldozer will be in the shops in June 20 and Llano will be ready in July. AMD UK estimates Llano won’t be available until September, last time we talked to them, at Distree in Monaco.

The information is attributed to industrial sources which probably means a supplier spilt the beans.

The Turkish site  has found a leaked slide and quotes information gathered by “industrial sources,” and various reports are indicating that AMD plans to launch its upcoming high-end desktop Bulldozer CPUs sometime during the week of June 20, 2011.

Looking at it all it would appear that Bulldozer will arrive in quad-core, six-core and eight-core variants using the FX handle. There will be two FX4000-series chips, two will be FX6000-series chips and four will be FX8000s.

Four processors are expected to appear in Q2 2011 while the other four are planned for the last quarter.

The Llano A-Series APUs will appear in two-core, three-core and quad-core flavours just when the US is celebrating its illegal French-backed coup against its lawful King. More than eleven Llamo APUs will be released throughout the year.

The slides give us a two year view of what AMD has planned. It looks like over the next two years all three Llano APUs will support 1,600 MHz DDR3 memory at 45W. “BeaverCreek” and “WinterPark” integrated DirectX 11 GPUs will be shoved under the bonnet.

Llano will be aimed at the mainstream and performance markets during 2011 whereas the Zacate will go into the essential market and Ontario will head for the sub-12-inch markets respectively.

If the world does not end in 2012, Trinity, Richland, Wichita will be released to target the essential, mainstream and performance markets. A Krishna APU will target the sub-12-inch devices probably by riding a horse and killing off sinners with a bow.