AMD beats up Intel on USB 3.0 integration

Near the end of this month Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) will introduce a chipset that integrates USB3.0 on board, reliable sources tell TechEye.

That will best Intel’s attempt to do the same by at least six months – other, independent sources tell us that the chip giant won’t be able to do the same until late this year, or maybe early in 2011.

According to our sources, the AMD 800 chipset will be a flagship product for the smaller company.

But there is a problem. The AMD CPU that goes with the chipset isn’t quite ready to go yet.

However, the 800 chipset, launched on the 26th of April, will be quite a coup for AMD, and will engender much interest from motherboard makers who aren’t prepared to pay $9 a pop for USB 3.0 support, otherwise.

No-one from AMD was available for comment. No-one.