AMD-ATI may disappoint with its new HD 6000 range

ATI’s next generation Southern Islands cores could just simply be a tweak of the Radeon HD 5000 series architecture.

According to Fudzilla, these cores will be nothing to see here move on please.

It is the second scoop that Fudo has come up with on these cards. He worked out that AMD wasn’t planning on reducing the prices of its ATI Radeon HD 5000 series graphics cards because it was already preparing its next generation of adaptors.

These were known as the HD 6000 line and were supposed to come out in October and put the willies up what ever Nvidia was going to release.

Fudo said that the new HD6000 line is tiggered because it has been developed for 40nm. ATI still doesn’t have any new amazing architecture until 28nm and those will not be in the shops until next year.

The first cores based on the new improved generation is planned for October.

Fudo thinks that ATI might introduce them in last days of September just to pull wool over investors’ eyes. A late September lauch means that it can it took place in Q3 2010.

AMD launched the HD 5000 series in late Q3 last year, and this gave them an advantage during the back to school period.

Fudzilla thinks ATI is pulling off something similar with the upcoming 6000 series as well. Nvidia will have to face these tweaked 5000 boards during the fourth quarter. Fudzilla seems to think that Nvidia is in with a fighting chance for back to school and Q4 2010 sales period.