AMD announces two mobile processor series

AMD has announced two mobile processor series, the Radeon HD 6500M Series and Radeon HD 6300M Series.

The Radeon HD 6500M Series is aimed at the higher end of the market, for gaming or multimedia laptops. It has a processor clock speed of between 500MHz and 650MHz and a GDDR5 or DDR3 memory clock speed of 900 Mhz.

The 6500M is based on the TeraScale 2 Unified Processing architecture, which includes 400 stream processing units, 20 texture units, 32 Z/Stencil ROP nits, and 8 colour ROP units.

The Radeon HD 6300M Series is aimed at the mid-range market, still based on the TeraScale 2 architecture, but with only 80 stream processing units, 8 texture units, 16 Z/Stencil ROP units, and 4 colour ROP units.

The 6300M also only supports the DDR3 memory interface, with a memory clock speed of between 800MHz and 900MHz. The processor clock speed is between 500MHz and 750MHz.

Both cards support DirextX11, OpenGL 4.1, OpenCL 1.1, EyeSpeed, and AMD HD3D, while the higher-end 6500M boasts additional support for CrossFireX for multi-GPU computing. 

The two series also feature AMD’s Eyefinity multi-display technology, allowing support for up to four simultaneous displays for the 6300M and six for the 6500M.

Pricing and release dates have not yet been revealed for either series.