AMD announces Interlagos and Zambezi processors

It looks certain that AMD is going to launch server-class “Interlagos” and consumer-class “Zambezi” processors, based on new Bulldozer micro-architecture in two to three weeks.

Three “Zambezi” FX-Series CPUs surfaced for pre-order on online US stores, suggesting an imminent release of these models.

Turkish site Donanimhaber claims that it has found out that the AMD FX-Series family will launch on October 12. This would confirm previous rumours that the chip will be introduced in the middle of October, presumably on October 13.

Donanimhaber said that the prices of the first three FX-Series chips will be from $175 for FX-6100 and up to $245 for FX-8150. The price of a FX-8120 model will be $205.

However, it was not clear if these were retail or official prices for OEM processors in. The numbers appear to be a bit on the high side which suggested that these are retail prices, especially if they are being positioned against Intel Core i5 and i7 chips.

Quad-core FX-4100 series CPUs are expected to appear later in the year.

The range is interesting, not just because it is designed to give Intel’s i5 and i7s a run for their money, but because the FX currently holds the record for the world’s fastest CPU. The beast was overclocked to 8.429 GHz, winning AMD a place in the Guinness World Records.