AMD accidentally leaks FX-8150 price tag

While AMD has yet to tell us its release date for its eight core FX-series Bulldozer processors, or a price, it seems that the company has accidently leaked it.

Hacks working for were so bored over the summer that they ended up reading the ‘Rules and Regulations’ section of AMD’s FX giveaway.

The contest will give five winners an AMD FX eight core processor. In the Rules and Regulations section, AMD goes into a bit more detail and lists the approximate retail value or the processors at $300 USD each.

While AMD didn’t specify the chip model it’s giving away, but with a retail value of $300, it really has to be the flagship FX-8150. It will mean that it is $15 shy of Intel’s best Sandy Bridge processor Core i7 2600K which is in the shops for $315.

The FX-8150 has eight cores clocked at 3.6GHz (4.2GHz via Turbo Core), has 8MB of cache, and a TDP rated at 125W.

It seems that FX chips will be dribbled out slowly.