AMD about to release New Zealand

AMD is set to release its dual-chip flagship graphics card code-named New Zealand any day now.

The card will be late, as it was designed to take out the GeForce GTX 690 which has been in the shops for two months now.

When it does come out it is rumoured that there will be very few New Zealand chips about, unless you go to a London pub of course.

When it hits the shops AMD’s Radeon HD 7990 graphics card is expected to carry two Tahiti XT GPUs and 6GB of GDDR5 memory.

The dual-chip card will have 4096 stream processors, 256 texture units, 64 render back ends and so on.

It will also have a Turbo mode that will clock the chips higher when thermal design power allows. It will do this to look a little different from Nvidia’s GeForce GTX 690.

There is little other information available on the card and AMD does not seem to be that keen to make too many of them or tell anyone how much they will be.

According to X-Bit Labs, the limited availability might not be a killer as demand for GeForce GTX 690 for $999 is clearly not as high as it was on the Radeon HD 6990 for $699 a year ago.

AMD was supposed to launch the Radeon HD 7990 sometimes in the second quarter of this year, just in time to compete face-to-face against GeForce GTX 690.

AMD re-launched Radeon HD 7970 with 1GHz GPU clock-speed last month instead.