Amazon snubs Nvidia

Nvidia investors were a little shocked after the spec of the next generation Kindle Fire was announced and their expected Tegra 3 chip was not there.

Instead Amazon has decided to use Texas Instruments‘ OMAP 4470 which certainly does not have the same profile as the Nvidia chip.

To make matters worse, Amazon Chief Executive Jeff Bezos showed interested hacks lots of graphs showing how the OMAP chip has better bandwidth and computing power than the Tegra 3.

The Tegra 3 is supposed to be better at serving up graphics than the TI chip.

Evercore analyst Patrick Wang told Reuters that people assumed Tegra 3 would be the processor in the new device, as Amazon pushed into the use of its tablets for some of its game content.

However, Amazon have been chums with Texas Instruments for a while and it seems that this relationship was worth a little more to it. The first Kindle Fire used a TI processor and changing was probably more effort than it wanted to spend.

Nvidia will not be too upset. The Tegra 3 has increased its profile lately. It has been shoved under the bonnet of Google’s Nexus 7 tablet. Nvidia has also said its processors would be used in upcoming Surface tablets made by Microsoft.