Altera reveals 28nm device portfolio

Altera has revealed its latest product portfolio of 28 nanometer devices, which employ advances in transceiver technology, product architecture, IP integration and process technology.

The portfolio includes the Cyclone V FPGA, Arria V FPGA, Stratrix V FPGA, and HardCopy V ASIC ranges.

Cyclone V FPGA is a low power range aimed at applications for motor control, displays and software-defined radios. The range features 40 percent lower power costs than older models, along with 12 transceivers with speeds of up to 5Gb/s. PCIe Gen2 x1 blocks and memory controller suppoirt for LPDDR2, mobile DDR and DDR3 external memory is also included.

The Arria V FPGA range is aimed at low power devices, such as remote radio units, in-stuido mixers and 10G/40G linecards. This range offers 40 percent lower power costs compared to previous models and allow speeds of up to 10Gb/s. There’s also hard memory controller support for DDR3 external RAM and FIR filters with variable-precision DSP blocks.

The Stratix V FPGA range is aimed at high-bandwidth applications, including LTE base stations, high-end radio frequency cards and military radar. Maximum transceiver data rates have been upped to 14.1Gb/s and density has been increased to 1.1 million logic elements, allowing support for the 16G Fibre Channel.

HardCopy V ASIC is a “low-risk” transceiver-based application-specific integrated circuit range with higher performance than older HardCopy devices. Additional logic and memory integration make allow this range to cater for multiple users, from low power, low cost devices to improved single-event upset tolerance while in production.