Adidas sticks chip in 'football boots with brain'

Adidas has launched football boots that come with what that most rare qualities in the Premier League: added brain power.

It appears that the world of football is undergoing something of a cultural and technological renaissance at the moment.  First QPR captain Joey Barton claimed to turn his back on hard-nosed thuggery in favour of filling his non-footballing time tweeting the works of Nietzsche and the music of the Smiths. And now the de rigeur footwear is the “boot with a brain” from Adidas. 

It seems that next a new breed of footballing dandies will be taking to the cafes of Paris to discuss metaphysics rather than roasting girls in expensive hotel rooms.

But for now it appears we could be witnessing the first time in history when a man can be outwitted by his footwear.

According to Adidas, the new adizero f50 smartboot will come with miCoach SPEED CELL, a chip system measuring 360 degree movements as well as measuring distance, speed and so on.

The on-boot memory stores all measurements during the game for training, while wirelessly transmitting to a PC or tablet.

It is something Tottenham Hotspur have already tried a few months back with a smart shirt that measures the workrate of its players.

Whether all this technology will soon see its way onto hangover-sweat drenched Sunday League players is another question.  While the boots are available to the public they will cost a hefty £245, so are likely more suited to a Prem League star’s wages.