Adaptec 12 Gb Series 8 RAID low-profile MD2 card announced

Here at IDF 2013 in San Francisco, we thought we’d stop by Adaptec’s booth. The Adaptec salesperson said their Series 8 RAID cards feature five different models that all have high port connectivity. The 8 series is the only card in the industry to feature up to 16 ports on a low-profile form factor MD2 card, while the Series 8 offers enhanced features such as MaxCaching Plus technology.

Adaptec’s Series 8 uses the low-profile PCI form factor, which gives a smaller footprint for their card. There are two defined card links for low-profile PCI: MD1 and MD2. MD1 defines the shortest 32-bit card length available 119.91 mm (4.721 inches).MD2 defines the maximum length of low-profile PCI cards, 167.64 mm (6.6 inches). Any low profile PCI card that is longer than the MD1 definition is considered an MD2 card form factor. Low-profile PCI area on the MD1 cards provide 4.8 inches² of board real estate.

The Gen3 Series 8 RAID adapters, coupled with 12 Gb per second SSD’s(Solid State Drives), provide maximum read/write bandwidth and IOPS (Input/Output Operations per Second) for the most performance hungry, transactional, and database applications. They come in 8 and 16 native SAS/SATA ports in an LP/MD2 design. They all have hot plug drive support and are S.M.A.R.T. (Self Monitoring Analysis And Reporting Technology) aware.

Adaptec’s MaxCache allows the SSD’s to be configured as cache and to store the most frequently accessed data in the cache pool. Adaptec’s enhanced MaxCache Plus adds tiering functionality and provides a virtualized pool of storage using any block level storage device with the ability to tier their storage.

IT managers, systems integrators and ISVs will have the fastest performance and best overall value for their storage assets.

The Series 8 RAID adapters will be shipping in Q4 2013. Pricing was not available when we visited their IDF 2013 booth.