6.4 billion things connected in 2016

internet of thingsA market research company is predicting that next year 6.4 billion connected “things” will be deployed worldwide.

Gartner said that the internet of things (IoT) will account for services spending of $235 billion in 2016, a rise of 22 percent from this year.

It estimates that by 2020 nearly 21 billion things will be part of the internet of things.

Most of the spend is coming in the professional category but there will also be wider deployment for the common woman or man.

Eventually, consumers – that’s people – will make the largest number of connected things but enterprises will spend the most.

Cross industry connected devices will include light bulbs, building management systems, and devices used in hospitals, ships and many other sectors.

These devices will take up a lot of power by 2020, and some pundits are predicting there won’t be enough power worldwide to support this many devices.