4D releases shiny graphics chip

4D has launched its brand new graphics chip, the Picaso-GFX2, which is designed to work with all popular OLED and LCD panels floating about the market.

It’s the fourth in a line of graphics controllers from 4D. It sports, says 4D, powerful graphic, text, image, animation and sound generation capabilities. It can be used stand-alone as an embedded graphics processor or as a co-processor to host a micro-controller through its hardware serial interface. 4D says it’s plug and play and will work with most 16-bit 80 series colour LCD and OLED displays.

The Picaso-GFX2 has 15 kilobytes of flash memory, 14 kilobytes of SRAM, 13 digital I/O pins, a 12C interface, FAT16 file services, two hardware serial ports with Auto-Baud built in, SPI interface support of SDHC/DS memory cards, 4-wire resistive touch panel and a 16-bit PWM audio output. 4D reckons the new chip works a treat with bundled free software tools like 4DGL Workshop3 IDE and Graphics Composer, which apparently cuts out low level design, instead being able to focus on the user interface and all high level design criteria.

It’s out now directly from 4D – you can visit the website here where you can also try out the software tools. It’s in a 10z10mm 64pin TQFP package and sizes vary from 2.4″ to 3.2″ with further modules in production.