450mm wafers inch towards production

It could be as late as 2024 before the semiconductor industry puts 450mm silicon wafers into production.

That’s according to the Enable 450 newletter, which reports that ECSEL (geddit?) – the Electronic Component Systems for European Leadership – is attempting to line all the big ducks up.

ECSEL will have its first pre-brokerage event at the Crowne Plaza in Belgian capital Brussels on February the 4th and the 5th.

Enable 450 has been in existence for a year and has eleven members including ASM International, Applied Materials Israel, ASML Netherlands, the French atomic energy agency (CEA-LETI), Fraunhofer IISB, market research company Future Horizons, Intel Performance Learning, Interuniversitair Micr-Electronics Centrum, RECIF Technologies, SEMI Europe and SOITEC.

So far the boffins have discussed mechanical cluster interfaces, notchless wafers – including fiducial marks on the wafer backside,  metrology tools, alignment marks and other stuff.

The Euroboffins will have to coordinate links with Asia and other regions, including America, if the whole thing is to come together successfully.