42 Nvidia Quadro GPUs power amazing planetarium

Nvidia has bunged 42 of its Quadro GPUs into Chicago’s Adler Planetarium to deliver an experience at a resolution, it claims, is beyond the capabilities of the human eye.

The pixel resolution is 8K x 8K, and it manages an astounding 30 frames of 64 megapixel images each second. 

Adler underwent a $14 million dollar renovation for the re-opening. Nvidia reckons it is the “world’s most advanced digital theatre.” According to the CTO of Adler, you’re basically seeing images as if you are there.

It’s powered by two supercomputers and 46 servers, along with Nvidia’s quadro. Nvidia’s Ken Brown says from his bog that the planetarium is fitted with military grade, Rockwell Collins projectors originally designed for the airline industry and war training., running a 1,000,000:1 contrast ratio.

It took over three weeks and supercomputer processing to put together a two minute projection, using NASA’s Ames Research Center to to calculate a one billion particle set 7,200 times over. Nvidia said those calculations produced 400 terabytes of data.