3-axis gyroscopes get smaller and smaller

French semi giant ST Microelectronics said it has introduced what it claims is the world’s smallest 3-axis analogue gyroscope, with added performance.

ST Micro has already shipped 1.54 billion motion sensors but said that the new version, the L3G3250A, shrinks the footprint to 10.5 mm3 – that’s a 40 percent reduction.

The sensors are used in a number of applications including robotics, appliances, gaming, GPS, gaming and VR input devices.

The unit has a single sensing structure along all three orthoganal axes and better reliability and immunity to audio noise and other vibrations.

The device also has two scales, 625 or 2500 degrees per second, making it able to measure fast gestures and movements.

ST Micro has started sampling the devices and will ship them in volume in the fourth quarter of this year, costing $3.95 for 1,000 pieces. There are discounts for larger volumes of the device.