20nm 128 NAND Flash gets an airing

A NAND-Flash joint venture between Micron and Intel will be showing off the fruits of its labour on Thursday.

IM Flash Technology will be lifting the kimono on 20nm 128Gb NAND Flash chips in Taiwan in a bid to interest Nanya and Inotera Memories.

The big idea is to push Micron as an alternative to Samsung, which rolled out 20nm chips this year.

IF’s release is predicted to intensify the competition between Micron and Samsung. Samsung recently announced it would release 10nm NANA Flash chips in the second half of 2012.

According to Taiwan Economic News, Taiwan’s industry executives want to see if Micron will transfer its NAND Flash technology to Nanya and Inotera to help them switch from the money-losing DRAM manufacturing.

Thailand’s floods have fueled strong demand for NAND Flash chips, the crucial devices in solid state drives (SSD) and damaged the rival HHD technology giving NAND even more of a better chance.